Last year, I was paired with a completely random person as my roommate. I’ve heard horror stories about these scenarios (in fact, I’ve been in some of those situations…) but thankfully ours was not that. For the purpose of this blog, I’m going to call her M.

At my school we have delayed recruitment, which means that rushing for Greek houses happens at the end of winter break instead of during the school year. M ended up joining a house and it was a really positive experience for her. This was about the same time that I was starting to knit a bunch. After getting really some great gifts from her ‘big,’ M got an idea. She requested I make a head wrap with her letters on it in the colors of her sorority (wine and silver blue, if you’re curious). She also wanted a second one in the opposite color pattern that she could give her ‘little’ next year when the next pledge class comes through. Here’s how they turned out.


This project was a bit more involved, as I hadn’t done a lot of color work in the past, but I was ready for the challenge. I taught myself how to Fair Isle knit (think Nordic sweater patterns) and came up with my own pattern for the Greek letters. I’m pretty pleased with the results. Here are some details of the lettering.


So what do they look like while you’re wearing them? I asked a couple of friends to model them, and we had a ton of fun.

These were a blast to create, and I would love to try other patterns. I could do designs as well, so if you’re interested contact me!