How do you determine prices?

Each item is priced depending on the type of pattern, cost of yarn, extra notions (buttons, snaps), and additions such as flowers or bows. See below for a general idea of cost. You can also check out my Projects page here to get a better idea of pricing. I will usually post prices for recent projects.

Item Approximate Price Range
Headwrap $15-25
Hat $20-35
Mittens $20-30
Scarf $40-55
Shawl $50-90
Legwarmers $40-60
Clutches/bags $20-50
Small blanket/throw $55-75
Large blanket $70-100
Baby clothing separates (sweater/top, pants) $45-60
Baby accessories (mittens, booties, hats) $5-15
+flower $2-3
+button $1.50-5
+elastic $3-4
+lining $6-10


Payment Options

You may pay with either cash, check, or Venmo. Please inform me which is your preferred payment method and I will give you further instructions. Shipping costs will be included in your total upon completion of your project.

Speaking of shipping…

If you order from out of state, please expect to pay a bit extra for shipping and handling. Usually these costs are marginal, as knitwear doesn’t really weigh that much!

Items in stock will be shipped within 3 days.

Please allow several weeks for custom orders, depending on what it is. When you order, I can estimate how long it will take. Please let me know if you have a particular deadline. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Customer Satisfaction

If you are unsatisfied with a product, please contact me to let me know the cause of your complaint. I want to be able to rectify any problems to ensure customer satisfaction.

Most importantly, thank you for your business and I hope you love your new knitwear item!