‘Twas the season, I suppose, as I finished this little baby set a couple months ago after creating a baby blanket as well. (Yeah, I know…it’s been a while since I posted, but what can you do–college.)

This project was a compilation of patterns that I found and tweaked to mimic details of other parts and look like one cohesive set. I think it was pretty successful!



This sweet double-breasted sweater is so cute! Any baby would look very smart in it. The trim on the bottom of the sweater, cuff of the sleeves, and collar is done in navy and the body in a clear baby blue. The navy buttons were picked to complement the trim. I love this pattern, and it can be made in varying sleeve lengths.


Here is another picture of the trim at the end of the sleeve.



These pants are a comfortable pattern, designed to fit over diapers and fit for a very long time, as babies tend to grow rapidly. 😉 The waistband is fitted with elastic, and the trim is again in navy to complement the sweater.

Here are some more detailed pictures of the pants, so you can see how the details mimic the sweater.



This simple hat again has details with a purl stitch, and the ribbing at the brim will be used in the mittens and booties.

Mittens and Booties:

The colors and design elements of the mittens and booties were made to match each other, as well as the sweater, pants, and hat. Together they come together to be one set of adorable baby clothing! They will keep baby warm and snug in cold winters, as well as looking cute as a sweater button in these beautiful shades of blue.