One of my most recent completed projects was a baby blanket, to be given as a gift from my customer to her expecting friend. It was a while in the making (I have to do the school thing, too…it takes up some time) but it turned out splendidly!

Knit with worsted weight yarn in “Duckie” (yellow) and this angelic white, this blanket is about 3-4 feet square, just big enough to snuggle a baby or small child in it. The colors are bright, sunny and certainly cheerful, perfect for a summer birth.


My doxie thinks it’s pretty cuddly too. (Or maybe he’s just trying to steal the limelight…) Anyway, the yarn is soft and comfortable. I knit this project with moss stitch. This is a textured stitch, which can be seen more closely here:


This isn’t your average striped-y blanket (Tigger fans, anyone?). It has stripes that run asymmetrically to add interest.

This was such a fun project to see come to fruition and I hope the recipient enjoys it. This blanket was sold for $60 due to cost of materials and other factors. If you are interested in a knit blanket like this or any other pattern/colors you may want, contact or click here to find out more about custom orders.


I’ll leave you will another picture of the baby doggie admiring my work (very different type of baby, mind you). He is cute, but this blanket is cuter.

Happy summer, everyone!