Ahh, the Midwest…where the temperatures go from blustery springtime to blazing summer within a week. It’s also the time of year when I’m done with school and looking for summer projects!


Thankfully, my awesome roommate gave me the unusual (I guess that’s more of a reflection on me) and thoughtful gift of a little knitted dachshund pattern. l’ll be working on that for fun, but I’m always looking for other commissioned projects for my time off, so I’m offering a little incentive for anyone who may be interested in an item or two!


From now until the end of May, I am offering

30% off your total purchase of $20 or more!!

(see below for ordering instructions)


Woooo! Feel the freedom that discounts give you with a lovely summer shawl like this one!

That means most head wraps and all hats, sweaters, wraps, blankets, and other creations will be discounted. Whether you’re thinking ahead to birthdays, the inevitable returning chill of the Midwest or are interested in light knits for summer weddings and events, now is the time to shop!


A lovely clutch perfect for weddings or summer events

I am open to all types of custom orders and you can see the information here for placing one. While you’re at it, check out what’s in my Shop here (this discount also applies to these items)!

Happy May everyone!