I recently completed a big order with some different items, so I wanted to share. Click on any of the pictures to enlarge!

First–sticking with the classics–is a ribbed head wrap with a cinch in a beautiful silver heather. Definitely a perfect addition to a winter wardrobe!

Second–tam hats! Also known as hipster hats, slouchy hats…whatever name you have for them, these are adorable.


I made them with Lion Brand Homespun yarn, which gives them a textured look, as you can see here. The two colors are called Hepplewhite (has a bright white pearly sheen) and Gothic (a beautiful variegated purple that was also used to make the child’s hat in my Available Items).


Third–something for the guys! (I know, finally…) This matching hat and scarf are wonderfully cozy, and feature a ribbed pattern and stripes! The colors are fairly gender-neutral and could really be worn by anyone.

Here the scarf is modeled on a friend, and it looks just as good on a guy.



The yarn I used for these items was Deborah Norville Serenity, a chunky yarn. The purple shade has flecks of violet and is called Deep Waters Heather, and the deep olive green is called After Dark.

That’s all, folks! I’ve been busy with all of this, but I’ve got some down time now, so check out my fall sale here and get me knitting!