Custom orders are an opportunity for you to pick specific colors and patterns and express yourself! I love collaborating with customers to pick out exactly what you like.

Are you stumped? Click here to peruse my blog and get a feel for what I have already done. You can choose from any of the styles I have produced or describe another pattern. I can usually create my own patterns from images you find online, on Pinterest, etc.

You can find my current list of yarn colors in stock here. If you decide that you would like another color that can easily be arranged.

Do you have a specific idea for a pattern already? Let’s get started!




Note: If you don’t receive a follow-up email to your order within 2 days, please email rosa [at] knittingwithapointe [dot] com to check that it went through. Thank you!



Email rosa [at] knittingwithapointe [dot] com with any other information or questions!


Let’s get knitting!